Reabilita an independent company based in Lisbon delivering innovative real estate solutions

About Us

an independent company based in Lisbon delivering innovative real estate solutions

Reabilita is a real estate developer based in Lisbon. Our mission is to create innovative solutions that combine quality, efficiency, design, and sustainability, investing where we can make a difference and innovating to enhance habitability.

In 2007, Reabilita took its first steps, focusing primarily on the rehabilitation of projects in Lisbon. The main goal was to provide the best price/quality ratio in this market. Over the first 10 years of activity, we renovated our buildings, selling apartments for rehabilitation and enabling clients to develop a project tailored to their needs, in a building prepared for such purpose.

Since 2017, while maintaining the initial premise of complete building rehabilitation, our apartments have been sold ready to inhabit, with the works completed. The in-house Reabilita team handles each project in a multidisciplinary manner, valuing every detail and preserving the identity of the buildings.

Today, in a post-pandemic scenario and facing various global changes, we are adapting to a new paradigm, laying the groundwork for the future and investing in innovative and sustainable real estate solutions.

With over 15 years of experience and nearly 50 completed projects, alongside a young and efficient team, we believe we have significantly contributed to the recovery and urban quality of Portuguese cities, benefiting both residents and visitors.

Our vision for the future is to seek challenging and innovative projects, focusing on sustainable and quality solutions. We closely follow each project, aiming to exceed expectations. We are on the path to reimagining how we live and invest, breaking traditional norms and leading the change in the real estate market.

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