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Instituto Superior Técnico

In 2014, Reabilita and Instituto Superior Técnico established a partnership that allows its 4th-year Masters in Civil Engineering students to visit the Reabilita’s buildings that are under construction and to be in contact with the environment of old buildings rehabilitation. 

These visits result in technical reports written by the students and to help them get in touch with the real world of engineering. We have counted more than sixty students that have visited the construction site, asked question and learned with Reabilita’s team and expertise.

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Just a Change

Just a Change is a Portuguese non-profit aiming to help people living in straitened circumstances, by improving their housing conditions while promoting young people volunteering. 


Reabilita has a commitment between the urban renovation and the city regeneration. Therefore, Reabilita collaborates with Just a Change since 2014. Just a Change is a non-profit association operating in Lisbon, which promotes the renovation of homes for families/people in need, with the help of volunteers. More info in


During 2017, Just a Change will refurbish more than 100 houses and institutions, involving more than 800 volunteers, in partnership with several municipalities, foundations, and companies. Go to if you want to know more about this amazing venture.

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