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Who we are

In Reabilita the computers are always on, our mobile phones never stop and our heads work at 1000 miles per hour. The customer is our priority and it is for him that we work this hard, with a lot of freedom and with even more responsibility. Nothing for us is more important than to overcome ourselves every day, in every decision, and we believe that creativity comes from talent and commitment. The motorcycle is unanimously considered our BFF... without it, we would not achieve the efficiency that we seek every day.


Meet the team behind Reabilita.

Reabilita works with its own team of architects and engineers, who manage all our projects “inhouse”.

Francisca Machado Lima


Pedro Galvão Lucas



Raquel Cordeiro

Administrative Manager

Madalena Seabra

Marketing and Finance

Teresa Rebello de Andrade


Rui Magalhães

Project Manager


Mariana Soares

Project Manager

Rita Palma

Client Manager


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