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Why is it so good to live in Lisbon

In Lisbon it is almost impossible to feel isolated. It is a city full of life, the Portuguese are friendly people, speaking several languages and in 2017 it had 290 days without rain (which happens year after year) - (more here).

The low cost of living is also a great advantage, where a budget of only 10 euros allows you to have lunch in a restaurant with generous portions, and a beer does not normally exceed the price of 1 euros. This purchasing power also affects the real estate and you can find apartments in the city center from 3000 € / m².

The weather conditions are one of the great advantages of living in Lisbon, since the visit of the sun is very regular.

Portuguese gastronomy can be described as rich, varied and tasty.

It has a good public transport network and taxis / ubers, with competitive prices (between 3 to 5 euros in the city center and 10 to 15 euros for the airport), which are available and allow you to access the various different areas of Lisbon and the nearby towns that are close to the sea, with its beautiful beaches where you can swim and surf. There is also a huge network of shared mobility, such as emov or drive now (car-sharing), uber or gira (bike-sharing) and ecooltra or acciona (moto-sharing). There are also scooters to rent.

In general terms, living in Lisbon puts you in a good position to take advantage of a wide range of cultural activities (sardine festival, music festivals, concerts, ...) and is located near several cities classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, less than 30 minutes away by train or car.


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