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Former palace built for a collective housing in 1888, ordered by Marquês de Abrantes, in the north side of Calçada Marquês de Abrantes. All buildings on this street have in common the spans’ drawing, the iron balconies and the façade fully covered by ceramic tiles with a geometric pattern.


  • The works to recover this building started in 2013 and were finished by May 2014
  • All of the common areas were recovered and restored, meaning the the main architectonic features were kept as original such as the ceilings, the façade in old tiles, and wooden floors.
  • A new elevator was installed, the roof was redone and the ground floor was adapted as parking garage.
  • New PVC windows and new infrastructures networks for electricity, water, and gas.


  • Project year: 2012
  • Contractor: Amplirestaura
  • Construction time: 8 months