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In the heart of Estoril, close to the capital that lies 30 minutes away, this house is inserted in a residential neighborhood among other equally open and spacious buildings that set themselves in the center of reserved gardens, where families seek the intimacy and space necessary to a major quality of life, close to the sun and sea.

Benefiting from the exotic green colored roof, this 1941’s house essentially followed the steps of Raul Lino's “Portuguese house”, through the use of techniques and typical Portuguese architectural vocabulary, such as the use of white color, worked walls, tile, ceramics, vaulted ceilings and shutters.  The various compartments that compose it, succeed each other around a large hall with a relevant and rational programmatic division, and a construction that draws attention due to its inherent nobility and perpetuity.

Rehabilitation and development 

The proposed rehabilitation intended to intervene in the exterior and interior, maintaining and conserving the existing building, on the one hand, and seeking to respond to contemporary housing requirements, on the other, preserving the original constructive integrity and quality. New kitchen, window frames, and infrastructure networks were installed, as well as a swimming pool.

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